Coronavirus Information

First, we want you to know how much everyone at Health Options appreciates your continued dedication to delivering healthcare services throughout these challenging times. Health Options will keep our Members and providers informed as we respond to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines in our region.

FDA-approved vaccine doses will be available at no out-of-pocket cost. Health Options will reimburse for the administration of FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines in accordance with Federal and State mandates. We will cover the administration of COVID-19 vaccines at no out-of-pocket cost.

We continue to support provider partners as you address changes in office procedures and volume. These changes include:

* Providing information to Members about expanded resources for no-cost testing through statewide "swab and send" sites. These sites operate under several models, including drive up, drive through, mobile, and office settings, offering specimen collection free of charge to any individuals who believe they may have COVID-19 or who could have been exposed to the virus, with or without symptoms. Samples are sent to the Maine CDC’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory.

Expanding the waiver of Member cost-sharing provisions to include medical costs for COVID-19 admissions at an in-network hospital (effective March 12, 2020 throughout the duration of the public health emergency).

* Waiving cost-sharing for COVID-19 diagnostic testing (regardless of location) and associated fees, and reimbursing providers at in-network rates for COVID-19-related hospital admissions.

* Advising Members to contact their provider’s office for medical advice about their coronavirus symptoms or behavioral health issues, and to take advantage of telehealth services where offered.

Modifying coding guidelines.

If you have questions, contact Provider Relations at (207) 402-3347 or For information about how we are keeping Members up to date on COVID-19 information, click here.