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Administrative Updates for Providers, Winter 2019

Oct 30, 2019
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Details on recently updated forms and resources for Providers

Forms and Resources for Providers

To ensure that your office is utilizing the most recent and applicable Health Options forms we encourage you to visit our website’s Resources area for Providers  and prior to submitting completed forms. The Resources area is located at:

Recently added or updated forms include:

  • 2020 Behavioral Health Prior Approval Form
  • 2020 Notification / Prior Approval Form
  • 2020 Medication Prior Approval Form (Medical via Health Options)
  • 2020 Therapies Prior Approval Form
  • Claims Reconsideration Form

Reminder: Use the Provider Credentialing and Change Form to submit provider and/or practice information changes. If billing information is changing, complete and submit the Billing Information Form with a current W-9 form to avoid payment interruptions or delays.  Both forms are available at the website address above.


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