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Administrative Updates for Brokers, Fall 2019

Sep 04, 2019
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We are proud of the strides we’ve made to date as we continue to refine and improve our operations and appreciate the confidence you have shown as you place business with Community Health Options.  

We also continue to enroll groups with our integrated Group Dynamic, Inc. HRA claim feed, and we are pleased to offer this feature to both new and renewing groups the rest of this year and into 2020.   If you need assistance in setting up a claim feed at renewal or when writing new business, please contact your assigned Business Development Account .

In preparation for 2020 open enrollment, we ask that you review and update your profile on Health Options’ Broker Portal, to ensure we have the most accurate information attributed to you.  In addition, we recognize that many agencies leverage independent quoting, enrollment, and service tools.  To assist with our efforts to better understand your use of these tools, and the potential for Health Options to integrate with them, we are asking for your help by taking this short survey:  

We have recently launched a new, improved Member portal.  The enhanced portal makes it easier for Members to manage their accounts and find the information they need.  It also provides easier online access to essential plan information, including what’s covered, tracked progress towards out of pocket costs, our online directory of network providers, and statuses for submitted and paid claims.

New features include improved navigation tools for provider and medications lookup, timely updates of claims and healthcare spending information, the role of “Family Manager” which allows the subscriber to designate access to family information on the portal, and better presentation on mobile devices.  Please encourage your clients to check out the improved Member portal.


We are also proud of the implementation of our new claims adjudication platform, and bringing this critical function in-house in January of 2018.  The average age of a claim in our system trends less than 6 days, and we remain steadfast in our focus to provide claims processing results that represents our commitment to accuracy, speed and quality.

We are pleased with our Member Services call center achievements as well.  Our MSAs performed return call requests on the day promised 100% of the time since January - part of our ‘Promises Made Promises Kept Commitment’.  We have also maintained a substantial reduction in average wait times and abandonment rates for callers since October 2018 that far exceed industry standards.

We hope you have noticed the positive work being done with operational improvements and exceptional service.  If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please reach out to your account team.



Open Enrollment is coming up – are you ready?

Here at Health Options, we know how busy the Open Enrollment season is for our broker partners, which is why we want to make sure we prepare you with important information about what to expect.